Cottage Paradise is located on the SW part of Vashon Island overlooking Colvo’s passage.

We are a private community of 25 homes; sharing a common parking lot. With the use of a wheel barrel or garden cart we bring in our belongings along a 6’ level pathway to each of our homes.

Walk the miles of sandy beaches on Paradise Cove. Kayak, hike, read, watch boat traffic, relax,….

It is a patchwork of pastoral and natural settings make it a refreshing Northwest getaway!



Tide Chart


Vashon Map

Vashon Parks






Miles of lightly traveled, pine edged country roads make bicycling and walking popular activities. There is something special and magical about being on an island…the pace is slower, the people friendly, the attitudes relaxed. Whether you are petting a Llama, slowing for deer crossing the road or watching eagles soar; you’re sure to love Vashon.

The island is approximately 12 miles long by 8 miles at the widest point. The only way on and off the island is a breathtakingly beautiful ferry boat ride. Complete with views of other islands; as well as the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. The auto/passenger ferry boat (bicycles to 18 wheelers) loads from Fauntleroy Ferry dock in West Seattle and takes 15 minutes, it’s a 10 minute ferry ride from the Point Defiance Ferry dock in Tacoma, and 10 minutes from the Southworth dock (if you are coming from the Olympic Peninsula) and, a 35 minute crossing by “passenger only” ferry from downtown Seattle.

Our “passenger only” ferry takes you to the waterfront shops, and just a few blocks up the hill you will run into Seattle’s famous Pioneer Square. Or you can walk or jump on one of our (free in the downtown area) buses to the equally famous Pike Place Farmer’s Market where you can purchase everything from fish, to fresh fruit and veggies, to clothes and souvenirs. But don’t forget we have our own mini-farmers market right here on Vashon,  Saturdays during nice weather.

You can get to and around on the island by public transportation, it is however, preferable to have a car since the buses stop running at about 7pm each evening and do not run at all on Sundays. Also the passenger only ferry is in service Monday thru Saturday only.

Vashon-Maury Island is home to many painters, potters, jewelers, stained glass artists, musicians, writers and organic farmers.

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